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Score Five is a web-based game that allows communities to get together and have fun predicting the outcome of sporting events. In our game we allow and cater for local communities (such as office, club/association & pub leagues), as well as National and Global communities. Our game system enables our players to measure their sucess against friends, foes & all other players in our communities. Our global winner can truly be said to be the foremost expert and to have earned the title " The People's Champion!! "


Score Five started with a group of sports loving friends in several countries looking for a new way to have fun during the football season and other major football competitions. While many fantasy football games provide entertainment, we wanted something that was totally real life, and that could show your skill (or lack of) in predicting the outcome of sporting events. Score Five currently offers Association Football ("Soccer") and Australian Rules ("Aussie Rules") games and has operated such since 2008.

Equitinvest Corporation (1998) Limited ("Equitinvest")

Equitinvest, a BVI incorporated company established in 1998, owns and manages the Score Five systems and related services.

Score Five - The Game

Our main games featured on and, are based on the Barclays English Premier league, The English FA Cup and the Aussie rules premiership regular pre finals season. We also aim to provide similar games of skill for other major sporting competitions, such as the NFL, NBA and NHL etc.

Disclaimer of sponsorship, approval and affiliation

Score Five and Equitinvest are not sponsored by, approved by, or affiliated in anyway whatsoever with either the Australian Football League or any individual AFL football club. Equitinvest makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any of the material on this site.


Equitinvest Corporation (1998) Limited

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