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Create Your Own Office/Social Footy Tipping League - We'll host it for you, FREE!

If your friends, office colleagues, clients and customers have access to the internet and/or can download our Android app then.....We'll take the aggro and hassle out of running your club, pub or office footy tipping comp. Our system will do it all the hard admin work for you...It

  • Provides a 24/7 online internet accessible system for players and administrators
  • Allows for you to have weekly and/or season long competitions
  • Allows for simple "Last Man Standing" or basic tipping/correct results type competitions
  • Sends automatic "opt in" deadline reminders and scoring updates to players
  • Provides all players with a unique, dynamic "Where am I? What do I need to do" dashboard
  • Provides real time "what people are tipping" type help to tipsters
  • Provides "phone a friend/ask the expert" help from legend Peter Daicos and Magic Mike to tipsters
  • Records everyone's tips as they enter and save them
  • Calculates everyone's scores each round
  • Generates continuous league tables showing your own league and Global positions - example here
  • Provides you with a weekly printable report of how everyone did in your league - example here
  • Allows easy retrieval of your weekly league round-by-round reports
  • Provides all league administrators with instant messaging and email contact services

Best of all…

  • It's FREE
  • All your players also automatically participate in our Global League competitions - AND
  • Are also automatically eligible for our Global League competition prizes Ca$h and footy tickets!!!

The more the merrier and the greater the bragging rights!! And It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...So join on up today!! Simply:

Step 1 - Register yourself as a player; and

Step 2 - Login as a registered player and then click on the "create a new league" icon on the left hand side of the page; and

Step 3 - Follow the simple instructions to create your own league and then give your unique confidential league pass code to your friends to enable them to register and sign up to your exclusive league. We'll activate your league - same day or overnight and send you a notification.

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