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About the Game - General

Q: Is the Score Five Aussie Rules tipping game a "fantasy footy" type of competition?

A: No, Score Five is a web-based tipping prediction game. You are asked to use your skill and knowledge to tip the outcomes and the margins of various footy matches and your "banker" (your strongest/best prediction). Points are awarded solely on the basis of the actual match outcome. No contrived formations; No budgets; No maximum number of club players. Just 100% genuine reality!

Q: How much does it cost to play Score Five Footy?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! It's 100% free to everyone. Even if you run, or are part of, a private community tipping league that we host for you, we make no charge.

Q: How is Score Five different from other footy tipping games?

A: Our game takes into account your ability not only to predict match results (win, lose, and those "rarer that hens' teeth" draws), but also your skill in tipping the margin of the result.

We use a game system that is based 100% on real match results and all games score equally regardless of how 'obvious' the result is before the bounce! There is no "fantasy" in our system. Nor do your points scored with us depend in any way on other players tips. We simply relate everything to the real world!! What happens on the oval is reflected in your game scores on an equal basis with all players. No one's tips are the better or for worse because of draw pick, or any other handicapping, or constraining feature.

Our integrated banker Bonus and our Banker "Last Man Standing" feature game aspects are unique to Score Five Footy and provide additional evidence of your skill and how you used it.

Uniquely, we also offer a fully integrated community league facility within our main game. This means that each league can be highly personalised and more fun to play in as you meet and share your football stories and experiences in your clubs, pubs, offices etc.

Q: Can you make further customised changes for hosted community leagues?

A: That depends on their nature and complexity. We are always keen to try our best. If there is something you'd like us to consider contact us and we'll see what we can do to accomodate you.

Q: Who is eligible to win the prizes?

A: However you play with us, whether in our public leagues and/or in our hosted private community leagues, you automatically compete against everyone else from the rest of the world for all our prizes and your global ranking is always visible. Eligibility is affected by our terms & conditions which includes any relevant governing law applicable to where you play from.

Q: How do I know how well I'm doing and what I need to know?

A: Our system automatically calculates all the individual points tallies, league AND global standings for all players whatever league[s] they play in and gives everyone a personalised dynamic, real time performance home page with all their recent personal scores, outstanding rounds needing tipping and info they have yet to look at.

Our global leader is designated by a green guernsey and our weekly round winners win yellow guernsey and then crown logos that they keep for the season. Anyone who leads the global league for ten consecutive weeks or more wins a lifetime red guernsey award and our past season major prize winners all have special badge logos. Bragging rights par excellence!

Q: Can you help remind me when my tips are due and about other Score Five Footy matters?

A: Whatever league you play in, the Score Five Footy system automatically generates "opt in" email reminders that you can manage from your "Profile" page. We also send out two or three newsletters each season and of course your personalised dynamic home page tells you what you need to do and provides links and click throughs. We may also send out special admin emails to all out players to cover unusual situations, if needs be. Your community league managers can also use the Score Five Footy system to send out emails to you in the leagues for which they have responsibility.

Q: What can I do to help ensure your emails reach me?

A: Please add as a friendly source of emails if you have spam filter software. Check your spam email folder regularly and if you find our emails being directed there, remove them from your spam folder and update it to recognize us as a trusted/friendly source of emails.

Q: How do I join up to play Score Five?

A: First you must register with us. This involves reading and accepting the terms & conditions and then signing up by providing certain player registration information. NB*****To do this you will need a valid email address ***** and you will need to choose a unique username and password. We send you a player activation notice to the email address you provided which you must click on to complete the registration process so please make sure you get it right and please click on it. If you don't receive one within a few hours of signing up please contact us at and we will look into it.

You can then join an existing hosted community league that a friend may have told you about, or you can set up your own hosted community league for you and your friends. Or you can simply join our public leagues. You may join multiple leagues, but we don't allow players to join every team supporters league. We have a cap of two or three teams there. The choice is yours, you only tip once per registered player regardless.

If you are joining an existing hosted league, ask that league's manager for the league passcode - you will need this in the registration process to ensure you are assigned to the correct league.

If you are setting up a new hosted league, you will be taken through the process step by step from choosing a league name all the way through to choosing a league passcode that you can pass on to your friends. By setting up the league you automatically become the manager for that league, allowing you control over it.

Q: Are there prizes for the winners?

A: Yes there are a number of official Score Five prizes. Details of these are published on the various Game pages. You are only eligible to win these prizes if permitted by the laws of the jurisdiction where you live. Otherwise you can only play Score Five for amusement and bragging rights only.

Prizes may also be organised by individual hosted community league managers if they so wish, but they must ensure that their local laws and regulations permit such where they reside or operate in. Score Five does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for community league prizes.

About Playing the Game

Q: How easy is Score Five to use?

A: We built this website with ease of use and simplicity in mind.

Once you are registered as a player you can set your "opt in" notification preferences e.g., whether to receive email reminders when the next round of fixtures is placed on the system.

Your personalised post login home page tells you a whole host of things about your performance and info¿ you will be interested in.

Otherwise, once you login, you simply click "Enter My Tips"' and input your tips for the coming fixtures and click save. You must always save your predictions, or they won't be valid. Remember, while game rounds are active, you can change your predictions as often as you like up to the deadline provided you always save them.

The player points scoring system is fully automated and, after each result is entered into the system, your updated standing is displayed in your league table along with your global position.

We have rollover pop-ups in many locations to help guide you around the web pages and give you other helpful tips and analysis.

Q: How do I score points in the Score Five Footy tipping game?

A: Players either score 3 points for forecasting the correct individual match result - win, lose: Or they score 23 for a draw. They also receive 1 extra point for correctly forecasting the match margin from the four available bands. A final bonus point is also awarded if you correctly forecast both the result and margin of any game. So all in all there is a maximum of (3+1+1) 5 points for win/lose and 25 (23+1+1) for draw, that can be won by a player in any single match.

You also select one basic match result (W, L or D) per round as your banker. Get it right and score an extra bonus of 5

Note: If you get the match result wrong, but tip the correct margin you get a lucky consolation point!

Q: What are the tipping deadlines?

A: Each round will have a closing deadline which is published on the "Enter my tips" page. Generally speaking you have until 15 minutes before the bounce of the first game of each of the 22 Rounds. Most rounds start on a Friday evening, but there are the odd one or two that start on a Thursday, so pay careful attention to this and, if in doubt, enter your tips early and come back later to fine tune them nearer the round closing. At least that way you won't lose a life. We try to keep a 2 - 3 week fixtures tipping buffer to help you keep ahead of things.

Q: How are winners determined?

A: The total number of points scored by a player usually determines the winner in our points comps and the "Last Man Standing" wins the Last Man Standing comp (odd that isn't it?). In the event that two or more players are tied we have tie breaker rules. See the "How to Play" webpage for further details.

Q: How do I find out well I did?

A: Apart from the info on your post login home page, to find out the game by game nitty gritty, click on "My leagues" and then select any league you are in. That will show you how you are doing in your league and it will also give you your global ranking as well.

Then to find out the detail game by game of how well you have done in any given round, click on the "Tips & Results" tab and that will show the current and previous rounds results for all players in that league. You can print these off to share with your mates and frame for your office wall when you do well!!

Q: How do I find out how well others did who aren't in my league?

A: To see how other Players in other leagues have done click on the "My Leagues" tab, then click on the "Other leagues" tab and select any other league by clicking on the relevant competition and then click on the "Tips & Results" tab again.

Hosted Community Leagues

Q: I'd like to set up a hosted  local community league, how many players do I need?

A: If you want to set up a hosted community league we strongly recommend you have at least 10 players. Our experience tells us that this is the critical mass needed to get a real league feel and esprit de corps. Also the bragging rights are stronger!! There is no maximum size to our hosted community leagues. It's up to you whether to have one or several leagues. So, for example, if you have 28 players you could have two leagues of 14 players or one big one of 28. It's your choice.

Whatever league you are in, our system will let you know how you are doing compared to all the other players around the world on our site!!

Q: As a hosted community league manager, can I run my own independent competition?

A: Absolutely! Although you must check on and strictly comply with your local laws and restrictions on running such. We'll give you the info you need and the system to do it. Your Score Five community league table will show you your player standings based on the Score Five scoring system. If you want to adjust the Score Five scoring system, say offer more bonus points etc, you will have to keep your own independent records.

Q: How do I join hosted community leagues?

A: If you wish to join a hosted community league you can do so, but only if you have been given the passcode for that league by its manager or an authorized person in that league.

To join a community league, once registered or while registering (1) simply click on the "Join a league" icon on the left of this page; (2) enter the passcode you have been given and then (3) click on "Go". The system will take care of the rest.

All you then need to do is to revisit your profile page and choose which of all the leagues you are in, you wish to see as your default league whenever you visit the "My Leagues" page.

NB: Hosted community league managers can eject gatecrashers, miscreants and trespassers from their league!!

Q: If I join more than one league do I have to enter multiple sets of tips?

A: No: You only have to make one set of tipping predictions to cover all the leagues you are in.

Future Score Five Developments

Q: What other competitions will you be running?

A: We are considering other sports such as ice hockey, gridiron, baseball etc., and will publish details of such in the future.

Q: Can Score Five be accessed other ways than via the Internet?

A: Not entirely yet - but we hope to be fully mobile "connected" shortly.

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