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ADMIN ANNOUNCEMENT- 2       February 24th 2012

The AFL have created  an extended Round 1 which sees the first game bouncing off on Saturday, March 18th at 7.20pm. The next scheduled game is the following Thursday, March 29th at 7.40pm.

Under our usual game practices we'd require all our players to have the entire Round 1 tips saved and locked down 15 minutes before game 1 on 18th March. HOWEVER...we feel that this would detract from our players ability to consider important team announcements and other factors relevant to the remaining 8 games commencing almost a week later! 

So, for round 1 in 2012, the system will (a) allow players to tip the Swans/Giants game up to 7:05pm on the 18th and then lock down that game (b) tip the other 8 round 1 games up to  7:25pm on the 29th before locking down round 1 in its entirety.

No-one will lose a life for failing to tip the two Sydneys' game on the 18th and those who fail to do so will get Magic Mike's tip "Free of Charge" so to speak. However if you fail to tip the remaining 8 games in Round 1 you will lose a life .


ADMIN ANNOUNCEMENT 1        February 24th 2012

For better, more timely email service…

You may not receive the email notifications you requested on a timely basis because your spam filters or ISP are pushing them into a spam folder. We strongly recommend that you add our admin address to your email address book to reduce the ongoing risk of this happening.

In particular some of our players with "Bigpond" addresses are not receiving their emails at all as Bigpond is blocking them. This is beyond our control and we have complained to Bigpond. Bigpond's response is to the effect that because Score Five Footy isn't their customer, we have no complaining rights: Bigpond needs to hear directly from its own customers. So please if you have another non-Bigpond email address use it in preference. If you do not and you don't receive your opt in emails or registration confirmation,  please complain to Bigpond and ask Bigpond to send you your emails which are important to you.

While on the subject of  your opt in email notifications...

You can opt in or out of them simply by going to your "Profile" page, after you've logged in, and checking or unchecking the relevant boxes. 



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To our would be winners and leaders…

Our global leader has a yellow guernsey by their name, and the most recent round winner a green guernsey. All round winners receive a crown by their name (one for each round won.)

Lead the world rankings for 10 consecutive weeks or more and win a red Guernsey to join Donna8 who achieved this in 2009 and Russian Peter who won one in 2010.

Good luck & have fun

The Management – Score Five

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