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Welcome to Score Five Footy Season 3 is all but over - look for us again in 2012

The 2011 season has but a few games to go and we'll soon know who our champs are. Thanks for playing with us and look for us next season.

Our game is truly global with players from all over the world participating. Click on the mini globes by our leading players to see which State or country they are heading up.

What does it take to win the season title?

Our 2010 Champ "Russian Peter" won the global crown with 585 points comprising 126 correct game results, 56 correct game margins and 21 correct banker tips.

In 2009 "Stevesbombs" took our world title with 590 points gained from 126 correct game results, 64 correct game margins and 20 correct banker tips.

They both beat players from all over the world including the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and, of course, Oz!

Reckon you can beat that? To do so you'll probably have to spot those ever so rare draws and quickly spot those who will be this year's champs, chumps and whipping boys! Full game details can be found here

But every week there's a chance to win a prize every week

Alternatively, if the season long world title isn't to be yours, you could end up being one of our many weekly prize winners OR EVEN YOUR OFFICE TIPPING POOL CHAMP! 

Reckon you've got what it takes to be a great tipster? Only you know the answers, don't you? …Or do you? Sign up today and put yer neck on the line!


We offer some great prizes including 3 Major Prizes (subject to availability and eligibility) of a pair of tickets to a footy game of your choice or a A$750 cash alternative. These prizes are awarded as follows:

  • A Major Prize to the iron man or lady tipper with the most points from the entire regular pre-finals season of 24 rounds
  • A Major Prize to the person who gets the most points to win any one round
  • A Major Prize to the person who gets the second most points to win any of the 24 rounds.

All our Major Prize winners will be happy folks with the best bragging rights on the planet.

We've also other cash prizes for the winners of our "Last Man Standing" comp and also for individual round winners.

Our prize terms and conditions can be found here

To Help You

We'll give you regular commentaries from our resident analyst Professor Statto who brings a new meaning to slicing and dicing data in a "Bunch of Fives"! And for those of you who need an extra helping hand Magic Mike and Daics will publish their tips for all the games in our "High Fives" feature.

Our system also shows you what other players are predicting and provides other helpful statistics, injuries & suspensions info. Take them or leave them, as you wish, but have FUN.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and register now - it's totally FREE - and prepare yourself for a new season of fun.

Be skillful, or if not be Lucky!

The Score Five Footy Team

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