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Score Five Aussie Rules Tipping Game (the "Game")  Rules

  • Only players who have registered with Score Five Footy Tipping through and who have accepted its terms & conditions are eligible to play the Game. Terms and conditions. As a condition of your participation in our Game you also expressly agree to be bound by these relevant Game rules as well as our general terms and conditions and any amendments we may make to them from time to time.
  • "Score Five" refers to the owners, organiser[s] and management of the Game, jointly or severally, as the context may require.
  • All players will be automatically enrolled into our Game and their eligibility for our Game prizes will based on their country and state of residence at the time of initial registration.
  • Players may also join hosted community Game leagues when so invited. The manager of each community league has the sole discretion as to which players are invited and admitted into that league, what additional rules may apply to that league and Score Five has no responsibility for such.
  • Players must complete, enter and save, their tips on the Game system before the published deadlines for each round of fixtures. NB: If players do not enter any tips for a round, unless there is a Five Lives feature in play, they will score no points in that round. Apart from any available Five Lives feature, there is no automatic default tipping feature to "save" a player from this penalty for not entering tips. Players must always enter a full set of tips and a banker and save such. Late entrants to any game will enjoy the benefits of the Five Lives feature, up to a maximum of five rounds, to receive points for any previous tipping rounds they have not competed in. Where any player benefits from the Five Lives feature, his/her ability to win any Game prize may be affected as stated and explained  in the Five Lives feature from time to time. A round always closes 15 minutes before the official bounce of the first game of the round regardless of any system faults preventing such. Any entries saved after after such deadline will be deemed invalid in their entirety. Moreover, any tips saved after the official bounce of the first game of any round may at Score Five management's discretion lead to the total disqualification of the player from the entire competition.
  • The total number of points scored by a player shall initially be used to determine individual league rankings, winners and potential prize winners. In the event of ties we will use tie breakers as explained in the "How to play" webpage.
  • Our tie breakers are designed to provide a winner where two or more players are tied in any round competition or end of a game situation. Details of how our tie breakers operate are set out in the "How to play" webpage. 
  • A round of fixtures is a group of games to be played, as determined by Score Five.
  • After publication of the fixtures list, any games that the relevant governing body subsequently delays, voids, postpones or reschedules, for any reason, will still count in that original round of fixtures.
  • All dates and times are based on Australian Eastern Standard Time, taking into account Victoria's daylight savings time.
  • Tips that are not entered and saved on the Score Five system (either directly online or via our Android app) by players will not register or be valid for the Game.
  • Tips may be amended by players as often as they wish, but in any event all predicitons must be entered and saved before the published round fixture deadline.
  • Players may register and save their tips as far in advance as they like once published by Score Five.
  • In the event that the Score Five systems are unavailable to players, Score Five may, at its sole discretion, void any fixtures so affected and the relevant competiton will be completed on the basis of fixtures already completed and any remaining vaild fixtures as determined by Score Five.
  • Objections by players to missing or incorrect points will only be entertained by Score Five where all relevant requested data is provided by a player, which includes your printed confirmation of your tips. Objections will only be entertained within 10 days of the relevant fixture deadline. Score Five's decision on any objection shall be final and binding.
  • Subject to Score Five's overriding decision making powers, points will be scored in accordance with the scoring system described in our "How to play" as will the winner of our "Bankers Last Man Standing "competition. Injury time/time added on, but not extra time or any other means of determining the result is included in the standard regulation game time. Abandonments shall be scored according to the ruling of the relevant governing body.
  • Score Five's decision on any aspect of the interpretation of these rules together with the administration and running of any Score Five game shall be conclusive and binding on all Players.
  • Score Five reserves the right to clarify, amend or vary the rules of any Game at its sole discretion. Players will be notified of any amendments which will also be posted here. (Feb
  • 2012)
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